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Edge Engineering Consultant Ltd (EECL) is a Registered Engineering Consulting with Engineers Registration Board in Tanzania.    It is owned 100% by Tanzanians who have experience from various countries. Our team consists of a range of professionals that include: Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Geologists, Rock Mechanics Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Instrumentation Technologists, Corrosion Expert, Marine Engineers, Industrial Engineers etc., they have over 25 years’ experience in their respective fields, from various countries.

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Structural Engineering

Our services starts from Feasibility study, Detailed Designs, Scheduling and Construction services. We pride ourselves on providing creative solutions to meet design and scheduling constraintsLearn More »

Highways, Railways and Expressways Engineering

EECL offers a wide range of services within the area of road and motorway engineering, Railway, Express ways development projects, including planning, feasibility studies, detailed project preparationLearn More »

Geotechnical, Rock Mechanics and Ground Control Engineering

We offer fully integrated geotechnical, civil engineering services for Buildings, hospitals, churches, hotels, schools, shopping centres, communication towers, wind turbines, water and petroleum product storage tanksLearn More »

Offshore, Harbor and Coastal Engineering

We are expert and experienced in designing the impact of the hydrodynamic, especially waves, tides and storm surges and our expertise on corrosion on establishing infrastructures on the harsh environment of salt seawater made us unique company to work in these typical challengesLearn More »

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