Our Services

Geotechnical, Rock Mechanics and Ground Control Engineering

We offer fully integrated geotechnical, civil engineering services for Buildings, hospitals, churches, hotels, schools, shopping centres, communication towers, wind turbines, water and petroleum product storage tanks, coal and mineral processing facilities, landslides, bridges and highways, parks and recreation facilities, river docks, and impoundments of all type Bridges, Dams, reservoirs for water supply, hydropower, Ports, Airports, tunnelling, pipeline, Pavement Structures and solid waste management, Open Pit Mines, Underground Mines, Railways, Jetty, and High Tension Lines.

  • We have combined strengths of knowledge and experience in Geology, Geotechnical, Rock Mechanics and soil Mechanics Engineering
  • We undertake subsurface investigation, laboratories tests, Determining the physical and engineering characteristics of the soil/rock and their probable behavior under stress, interpreting this data and recommending design parameters
  • Our qualified and experienced engineers will give out ground improvement measures, deep foundation designs, foundation analysis and stabilization

Other services includes:

  • Dynamic Analysis and Evaluation
  • Earth Structures, Slopes, and Retention Systems
  • Pavement Evaluation and Design, Geotechnical Subgrade Evaluation and Material Evaluation
  • Site Characterization
  • Soil Stabilization Investigation and Ground Improvement